Versatile Velvet

‘Tis the season for velvet! I am not just talking about just one shade of velvet, but all shades of velvet. Red, blue, green, black – you take your pick this season! Not only is velvet an essential transitional piece for the spring, but you can make a statement with a new material. It’s smooth and sophisticated feel will help glam up and spruce up your outfit this season, as it has become a statement piece for many celebrities, such as [...]

The ABCs For This Spring

A-Line Skirts –  Whether it has pleating or denim, a-line skirts are an essential this season. With that said, lengths are something fun you can play with this season as well. A-line mid-length and mini skirts are both must have’s this season. Baseball Caps – Textures are in this season as well. Whether you choose a smooth texture with a velvet or satin cap, or choose a rough texture with a denim baseball cap, this spring baseball caps are a major trend [...]

Arm Candy

This February warm up your arms with more than just your sweater. Try sporting some arm candy with things, such as statement arm cuffs and bracelets. This season, as we are transitioning into the Spring, warmer tones and hues are in. Gold and silver arm candy be achieved in a layered look, simple look, or in an extravagant look. Kylie Jenner was recently spotted sporting $40,000 worth of Cartier arm candy, specifically the Cartier Love Bracelets. Jenner has also been spotted [...]

Choked Up For The Winter

This winter keep your neck a little bit warmer with a choker, the chic-est new accessory on the market. You can dress them down or dress them up, making them one of the most versatile accessories on the market. Celebrities, such as, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Kim Kardashian West, Kristin Cavallari have ranted and raved about this 2000’s trend. Recently, chokers made a enormous comeback in the fashion industry, and high-end designers such as Ralph Lauren (pictured below), Cartier, and Lili [...]

Blue Sodalite and Green Aventurine Silver Bracelet

While enjoying the warm waters of the Roman Baths of Caracalla, the Duke noticed an ancient blue and green fresco depicting a sea nymph rising from the briny waves. Each piece of plaster was colored with a different rare pigment, which shone more like precious gems than a painted artwork. Captivated by the nymph’s soulful green eyes that reminded him of a stormy sea, the Duke resolved to search for stone that would recreate this image. This is what an [...]

Amethyst Powder Dust Gold Bracelet

Amethyst Gold Powder Dust Bracelet

Enchanting purple amethysts look gorgeous together with gold round beads. Sparkling gold powder beads are complimented by smooth gold beads of the same size. This exquisite bracelet will not leave anyone indifferent. The bracelet is great for special occasions and will emphasize your discriminating taste. Sailing down the Rio Grande River on a dangerous expedition, the Duke ran aground on a sand bar. Seeking shelter, he entered a dark cave and lit a match to see if it was a [...]

Silver over Tiger Eye Bracelet

Silver Moon over Tiger Eye Bracelet

Sophisticated shades of brown Tiger Eye stones are perfectly combined with sterling silver round beads. This glossy bracelet is an ideal final touch for a classic outfit. A sterling silver clasp finished with a fine engraved charm makes a beautiful statement completing the bracelet. Minimum of details allows focusing on finest and ideally polished materials. As the silver moon rose over the Patagonian mountains, the Duke and his tiger paced towards them over the plain. Seeking to steal the Duke’s [...]


Duke & Duchess Jewelers are a fine handmade jeweler designed and handcrafted in Chicago. Each piece in the collection is inspired by adventurous tale. This is not just an accessory there is always a story behind it. High quality materials and natural stones are used to create an opulent designed jewelry.

Shining Tiger Eye and Lapis Bracelet

Blue Lapis Lazuli is accomplished with brown Tiger Eye stones and split with six smooth and two sparkling gold-filled beads. This bold combination of blue and brown natural stones is making a jewelry look sophisticated. The hint of gold elevates a sense of richness. Riding through the woods with the Grecian Princess, the Duke suddenly heard the sound of gunfire. A sleek tiger bounded before him and paused, panting harshly. Dismounting from his horse, the Duke approached the tiger and [...]

Clear Rose Quartz and Gold Bead Bracelet

Clear Rose Quartz and Gold Bead Bracelet

An elegant bracelet made of delicate blush Rose quartz and gold filled beads. Charming combination of tender pink and gold is perfect for romantic outfits. The bracelet will be a great gift and express the most sincere feelings. Touring the vast gardens of Versailles, the Duke beheld a tall rose bush, whose flowers reminded him of the pink blush on the cheek of Madame Dubois. Filled with sweet thoughts of his love he plucked a rose, sat on a stone [...]