About Us

Duke & Duchess Jewelers are a fine handmade jewelry designed and made in Chicago. Each piece in the collection is inspired by an adventurous story. High quality materials and natural stones are used to create our exquisitely designed jewelry.

Our Story

There once was a young Duke in Chicago who was inspired by all things elegant. Shining silver, burnished gold, works of art in vibrant color, the smooth texture of silk between the fingers-all these things inspired him with their beauty. Walking through the gold and diamond markets of Dubai, he saw cases upon cases of diamonds, each gem reflecting rainbow shards of light into his dazzled eyes. Draped over wrists, swinging from ears, and fastened at throats, this marvelous jewelry transformed its wearers into lovely princesses, duchesses, and ladies. Then the Duke realized that he himself could construct lavish masterpieces inspired by the beauty he had glimpsed throughout the world.

Scaling a snow covered mountain in the Alps, the Duke encountered a frozen piece of ice that shone perfectly clear. Staring into smooth surface, he saw the Sun glistening through it, like molten fire through icy water. He took it back joyfully to his beloved Duchess only to find when he presented his gift that it had melted into dew drops. The Duke vowed to craft an exact likeness of that icy sphere in which clarity and passion were so perfectly combined.

Voyaging over the world and sailing the Seven Seas, the Duke only pauses to capture the visions he has seen in sparkling metal and finely cut stone. With these works of art, he hopes to give his noble patrons somewhat of the world’s marvelous and ever-changing beauty even if they cannot rove so far on costly journeys.

Mission Statement


Through attentive customer service and detailed craftsmanship of our lavish jewelry designs, our clients bask in an exclusive feeling of uniqueness with every purchase. From the moment it is worn by its new owner, each piece conveys a new experience of the beautiful mysteries in the wider world.

Elegance and Individuality

Duke and Duchess customers value craftsmanship, luxury, uniqueness, and detail in their jewelry acquisition. The Duchesses among our customers lead lives of leadership, possess a flare for the rare and beautiful, and pursue elegant adventures. While they invent original goals and build their own creative legacy, they value the privilege of wearing distinctive styles that ensure they stand out from the crowd.

The Dukes among our customers lead lives of honor, chivalry, and possess impeccable taste. They prefer to invest in high quality art, attire themselves in the latest fashion, and search out new opportunities to discover new trends.